July 11, 2014
7:47 am
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John Fogerty's classic Creedence hit "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" gets a cool new version -- imagine CCR redone by The Flaming Groovies, Mott the Hoople, Keith Richards and The Pretenders rolled into one  -- from The Verbs, a New York band led the married duo of Meegan Voss (she sings and plays) and Steve Jordan (he plays and produces). Sharp eyed liner notes readers know Jordan from a number of musical adventures, from the in-demand drummer for the likes of the John Mayer Trio, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Eric Clapton to producing Boz Scaggs and Los Lonely Boys. New album Cover Story is, as you might imagine, a collection of mostly rock classics (Badfinger, Kinks, Todd Rundgren) with a few interesting left field choices. Click through to stream The Verb's take on the 1966 Los Bravos hit "Black Is Black."

The Verbs - "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

New video for Zammuto's "Great Equator" not only gives us another listen to the percolating, woofer-rattling lead track from the forthcoming September 2 album Archer it also allows lets us choose our favorite wildlife in a video that plays out like an Animal Planet acid trip. Read more about former Books-man Nick Zammuto and Archer at the DC Music News Feed.

Natasha Khan -- aka Bat For Lashes -- gets all epidermal on her new "Skin Song" for the forthcoming 2015 album Body Of Songs, a various artist compilation of tracks about -- wait for it -- the human body. Since deciding to bare a lot of it for the cover of her 2012 album The Haunted Man, a song about skin seems like quite the appropriate choice. Body of Songs is described as a "music and science adventure that brings together Britain's most talented musicians and medical experts to create a remarkable collection of songs, inspired by the organs of the body. Guided by medical experts including pathologists, neurologists, stem cell scientists, patients at varying stages of illness and confronting the organs themselves, the artists have begun to understand why a chosen organ works and fails. Building on this and their own emotional history and feelings, each artist has created a song." Oh boy. Can't wait for "Kidney." Watch the preview video below...

Bat For Lashes - "Skin Song" (from Body of Songs)

Best known for her leading musical role in the Oscar-winning film Once, Czech-born singer/songwriter Marketa Irglova will release her second solo album Muna on September 23 via ANTI-. After starring with Glen Hansard in Once and joining him in the studio and on the road as The Swell Season, Irglova encamped to her new home in Iceland to record her sophomore album's eleven songs with producer Sturla Mio Thorisson. The title of the new project is Icelandic for 'remember," a recurring theme for the album. Read more about Irglova's Muna at the DC Music News Feed and her 2011 debut album Anar at DC here...

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