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The Schnooz 6.5.14

by Dave & Jes posted Jun 5 2014 7:41AM

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The married couple with a taste for exotic travel set out for Central Asia in the summer of 2012, moving as tourists through a region not normally visited by Westerners.
/Source: AP

UNR student achievement center gets $2 million pledge

The Nell J. Redfield Foundation pledged $2 million Wednesday to help build a student achievement center at the University of Nevada, Reno.

This latest pledge puts the university close to raising the amount in donations it needs to help finance the $44.5 million project.
/Source: RGJ

Law professor tells senators: If money is speech, outlawing prostitution is unconstitutional

An American law professor told senators on Tuesday that outlawing prostitution was a violation of the First Amendment if spending money was a form of free speech.

“Your other point though about money not equaling speech is a critical point for people to understand,” American University professor Jamie Raskin said during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. “There are lots of forms of purchase and exchange that we criminalize, for example, buying sex. We don’t say if someone wants to purchase the services of a prostitute, well that is just an expression of their speech.”
/Source: RawStory

Canada shooting: Manhunt as police officers killed in Moncton

Police said they were searching for Justin Bourque, 24, who was "armed and dangerous", and tweeted a picture of a suspect with weapons.

Officials have warned people to stay inside and lock their doors.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) told the BBC the officers were shot responding to reports of an armed man wearing camouflage clothing.
/Source: BBC

A Dozen Nevada Army Guard Soldiers Getting Proper Sendoff Before Deployment

A dozen local soldiers are preparing to deploy overseas after a proper sendoff Wednesday in the Stead area.

The Nevada Army Guard's Detachment 45, Operational Support Airlift will be going to Afghanistan for a unique mission. Their family and friends gathered inside a hangar on Army Aviation Drive to honor their continued military service.
/Source: KTVN


HAILEY, Idaho (AP) -- There will be no hero's welcome for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in his hometown, no fanfare of parades, music or picnics in the park.

A planned celebration for the end of June marking his return after five years of Taliban captivity in Afghanistan has been scrapped, largely due to security concerns as his release has touched off a nationwide debate. Was he an American prisoner of war who should be welcomed home after years in the enemy's hands or a deserter who abandoned his unit who should be punished accordingly?
/Source: BBC

G7 leaders warn Russia of fresh sanctions over Ukraine

A joint statement condemned Moscow for its "continuing violation" of Ukraine's sovereignty.

The G7 summit is the first since Russia was expelled from the group following its annexation of Crimea in March.
/Source: BBC

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The Schnooz 6.5.14
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