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The Schnooz + Jo Madrid's Blurb

by Dave + Jes posted Aug 5 2014 9:29AM

Tahoe Queen Runs Aground, Passengers Evacuated

Israel declares 'mission accomplished' as troops leave Gaza for cease-fire
Gaza (CNN) -- Withdrawing its ground forces from Gaza Tuesday for a three-day cease-fire with Hamas, Israel announced that its central goal was achieved.
"Mission accomplished," the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said on Twitter. "We have dismantled the underground terror network built by Hamas to infiltrate and attack Israel." The military said 32 tunnels were destroyed in the four-week conflict.
The declaration came amid suspicions on both sides over whether the 72-hour humanitarian cease-fire will hold.
More than 1,800 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza during the conflict, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry. It's unclear how many were militants. The United Nations estimates that about 70% of the dead were civilians. But the IDF says about 900 militants were killed. It did not provide a breakdown of the victims by age or gender.

Ebola crisis: NY patient tested after return from Africa

Winging It: Putin Has No Master Plan for Ukraine Crisis, Officials Say

California battling wildfires and floods as it hones its disaster response 

DOJ: NYC jail routinely violates teen inmates rights

Arrests During Hot August Nights Drop by 40% in Reno

Bike Thefts Increase In Reno



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08/05/2014 9:34AM
The Schnooz + Jo Madrid's Blurb
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