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X Breakfast Challenge @ My Favorite Muffin

by Jes posted Jun 19 2014 9:22AM

Today Jes and Luke the Intern ventured to My Favorite Muffin on 430 California Ave. for another X Breakfast Challenge. When they walked in, it was obvious that they were NOT listening to The X. She informed the owner of the contest, and once he referred to our laminated rule sheet, he knew it was legit. Free breakfast for the X Morning Show team! And for being SO awesome, Jes and Luke the Intern showered them with great X music. Listen to the podcast to hear how it all went down. 

Our laminated rule sheet
Jes is nervous...
Dave, mid-bite

MmmMMMmm...bacon, egg, and cheese on jalapeno bagel....omm nom nom

06/19/2014 9:22AM
X Breakfast Challenge @ My Favorite Muffin
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