April 23, 2014
9:55 am
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When asked for three words to describe her music, Copenhagen native Lisa Alma comes up with "Dreamy. Spacious. Lo-Fi." All adjectives are in full display on striking new self-directed video "When I Knew," one of four tracks from her recent EP Let's Be Adventurers. Most of Alma's songs are dripping in '80s bubbly synth excess but "When I Knew" balances the electronica with some soulful Jessie Ware-ish styled vocals and a retro between-the-sheets bumpin' groove. "The second you dare to love you know it’s going to hurt," Alma tells Nothing But Hope and Passion of the song's meaning. "When you’ve lost you get upset and angry. Then slowly you can start to let go. It’s a process. Each time you lose some – you become a little more awake."

When a song like "Ghosts" comes along you simply just stand back and get out of the way. The title track to the upcoming full-length from the Ian Thornley-fronted band Big Wreck is one of the best roll-down-the-windows driving songs we've heard in a long while. Warning to the uninitiated: wicked guitar solo ahead. Ghosts from the regrouped Toronto band drops July 15 in the states, June 10 up north. Watch the brief teaser video for the album when you click through below.

Big Wreck - "Ghosts" (from the album Ghosts)

Australian singer/songwriter Justin Tebbutt has been getting some comparisons to one Justin "Bon Iver" Vernon -- yes, we're guilty as charged -- and this wintry video for new song "Bones" coupled with Tebbutt's falsetto vocals won't do much to discourage the practice. Fortunately, the music can stand on its own. More DC on EP The Breach, an all-too-brief collection we described as "one of the nicer surprises" of 2013, here...

Londoner Sophie Jamieson pegs her own particular music genre as "haunt-folk/dream-folk/alt-folk," a lengthy bit of hyphenated jargon that does a pretty good job of summing things up. As with many contemporary solo songwriters, Jamieson has opted for a backing trio of sympatico players who help flesh out her songs with subdued sonic shadings and add the "haunt" and "dream" aspects of the music. As the follow up to her 2013 EP Where, new single "Stain," due May 19, begins with a run of acoustic lines but immediately adds a gently beating pulse and echoing layers of spacious atmospherics rumbling and rattling in the shadows. What might have been a bit o' dark, melancholic  folk with just guitar and hushed voice instead becomes an intense, swelling soundscape of cinematic proportions. Click through for "Glass" and the "Dinah" video.

Sophie Jamieson - "Stain"

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