X Artist of the Month
April: Michael Blacksmith of Conception, Northern Nevada's Premiere 3D Printing Service

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"Lichte X"

From the artist:
"Wood block printing dates back to about 220AD in China and was typically used to print on textiles. The Germans used multi-color block prints on paper as early as 1500. It was my desire to use some of the oldest printing techniques, block printing on a roller dates back to the Mesopotamians 3000BC who used it to stamp bricks, and infuse that tradition with the latest printing technology - 3D printing. I used ink on paper and hand pressed, the traditional method, my 3D printed blocks rolled with ink onto the paper. The inspiration for the creation was Roy Lichetenstein and I titled the work "Lichte X". Please enjoy the marriage of the past with the future." -Michael Blacksmith

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