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If you are interested in being an X Artist of the month, please e-mail malayna@kthxfm.com. X Artists create one piece for the X Gallery... and a smaller piece to give away to an X listener. 

Our Xhibit (so far...)

X Artist of the month...

May: Peter Hazel

Peter Hazel has been working as a tile and granite contractor for over 28 years, a master craftsman well-known for his design expertise and creativity with color, layout, and grain matching. On a trip to Barcelona with friends in 2008, Hazel stumbled across the work of Antoni Gaudi. The Spanish architect is known for his highly individual and distinctive style that integrates the use of neo-Gothic and Oriental architecture with ceramics, stained glass, wrought iron work and carpentry. "After seeing Gaudi's work, I couldn't wait to get home and start creating my own. I made a bird bath for a friend as a birthday gift and the whole experience was not only profound and enjoyable, but the reaction so positive that it really inspired me to take it further. I didn't know if it was going to be good, and apart from my experience with ceramics and stone, I was entering new territory. I was just so inspired by what I had seen in Gaudi's work."

In 2012, Peter Hazel was commissioned to create a giant mosaic pumpkin by Cameron Palmer, committee chairman for the world famous Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival. Measuring 10-feet high by 12-feet wide and weighing in at 10,000 pounds, it is considered the world's largest, heaviest work of "pumpkin art." Most poignant, however, is Peter's personal connection to the festival, first initiated by his fine artist father Richard Hazel in 1971. Peter is currently at work on several large mosaic sculptures including a large daffodil. He is currently accepting commissions for custom mosaic work. 

April: Michael Blacksmith of Conception, Northern Nevada's Premiere 3D Printing Service

"Lichte X"

From the artist:
"Wood block printing dates back to about 220AD in China and was typically used to print on textiles. The Germans used multi-color block prints on paper as early as 1500. It was my desire to use some of the oldest printing techniques, block printing on a roller dates back to the Mesopotamians 3000BC who used it to stamp bricks, and infuse that tradition with the latest printing technology - 3D printing. I used ink on paper and hand pressed, the traditional method, my 3D printed blocks rolled with ink onto the paper. The inspiration for the creation was Roy Lichetenstein and I titled the work "Lichte X". Please enjoy the marriage of the past with the future." -Michael Blacksmith

March: Will Kavner 
Will is a McQueen High School student who creates murals around town... as well as one of a kind paintings
Contact Will here: Willkavs1@yahoo.com
This is the X-hibit piece Will made for us: 

This was the give away piece (below)

February 2014: Beth Cooney
One-of-a-kind fused glass art, hand made in Sparks

Check out Beth's website here
Check out Beth's Facebook page here

This is the piece Beth created for us to keep:

Below is the piece Beth created for an X listener to win:

December: Renee Farley
Renee created this piece for our Xhibit:

The piece below was the giveaway piece. 

November: Richard Jackson
See his series Nevada Hat at Chapel Tavern, 1099 S. Virginia St

This piece is for our Xhibit:

This was the give-away piece:

October: Daylene Moss
Check out her bio and amazing work here: designsbydaylene.com
E-mail her at: bridaymoss@att.net

This piece is for our Xhibit: "Spirling into X-Universe" 

The pieces for X-ville to win...

"X-scaping Heartbreak"

"X-Tra Pink-tastic"

"Beneath the eXtreme"


This piece is for our Xhibit (above).
The giveaway piece (below)

JUNE'S ARTIST: Vance Houston at VanceHoustonArt.com

The X Winner got to choose from a piece below

May: My Studio X by Ray Herschleb
This piece for our Xhibit is called Infinity X

April: Katie Steenberg 
See more of Katie's work here

March'S ARTIST: Larry Hunt of Larryhuntart.com
To contact Larry email him at Renometalman@yahoo.com

Below was the giveaway piece

February: Tom Whobrey with nativewoodcarvings.com 

Below was the giveaway piece.

December: My Studio X by Ray Herschleb

November: L and D Woodworks

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