For the Love of the Game

It’s no secret, I love playing disc golf.  The game is quick in golf standards, typically two hours or less to play an 18 hole course, assuming you are not spending too much time looking for lost discs, discs that could end up high atop a tree, bottom of a water feature or hidden in a bush… ok, maybe a round is closer to 2 and a half hours. You also have the camaraderie, the competition and the overall challenge of making it from tee to basket in as few throws as possible.  One of the pinnacles of disc golf and a dream of every golfer is nailing your first ace, essentially a hole in one, or more specifically a basket in one.  I have been playing for some six to seven years and had never bagged an ace… that is until this past Labor Day weekend.  It happened on Hole 11 at Whistlin’ Dixie Disc Golf Course, a private disc golf course tucked between Frenchman’s Lake and Davis Lake in Plumas County.  The hole is a right to left beauty, 240 feet long with thick forest on either side of the fairway.  On the tee-box I used my Truth mid-range disc, threw a backhand, the disc flew true, made the right to left turn, a hyzer shot, and hit the middle of the basket, and you should know, nothing sounds better than a disc banging chains.  Witnessing my first ace was my brother Andy and friend Paul.  I love playing disc golf!  If you want to play disc golf or learn more about the game, there is an active group in Reno, The Reno Disc Golf Association.  The Reno Disc Golf Association is a 501C3 non-profit club, with the mission to foster the benefits of disc golf through exercise and sportsmanship, all at little to no cost.  Check out the Reno Disc Golf Association’s Facebook page for more information and how you can join the club.  In the meantime, enjoy this video of disc golf aces by some of the games finest players and trust me on this, they make the game look easy, it is not. See you on the links and good playing!