Backstage with Hozier

After Jade Bird came into the X studio for a live for lunch visit I was lucky enough to follow her to the Grand Sierra Resort and visit with Hozier before the two of them took the stage. Jade was a fantastic opener and definitely made some new Reno fans and Hozier took us to church once again. Jade Bird’s debut studio album (self titled) comes out today! 4/19 and while you’re at it grab a copy of Hozier’s second offering Wasteland baby! Out now

I was taken back stage to one of the green rooms where it was dark, cool, calm and scented with essential oils wafting from a vaporizer. I was introduced to Andrew and told him I use peppermint oil in the studio during my show. (what a dork)  We sat on the leather couch and he was kind, shy and calming as I asked a few questions and we chatted about the new album, the amazing backing band and touring with Jade. I could have stayed longer but  I forgot some of my questions… here is my chat with Hozier! Thanks for tuning into the X, finding us on the web and selling out amazing concerts.