Backyard bands in Reno??? Fantastic idea, Where do I sign!

Air BnB teaming up with Sofar Sounds is a match made in musical/travel heaven. I think this idea could take off in northern Nevada for sure. If you don’t know Air BnB is like a vacation rental but in someones home. Sofar sounds is secret gigs and intimate concerts in living rooms and back yards…do you see how this match sounds perfect?! Like peanut butter and jelly. Instead of (or as well as) traveling to see your favorite bands in large stadiums, concert halls and bars imagine being able to book your concert trip experience at a sweet backyard party with a spare room to crash in. Lots of possibility in Reno/Sparks/Truckee…I’m just sayin’

Read the rest of the article to see how this idea is starting to come to life.