Circus Circus in Reno Debuts New Food Options

Being the important and influential media personality that I am, (Okay, you can stop laughing) I am fortunate enough to be invited to media events at various casinos and other establishments. Often these involve food, something I know quite a lot about, in that I eat it on a daily basis. That’s why our Mid-day Gal Jamie and myself made it over to the Habit Burger Grill in the new, improved Circus Circus Food Court. This place is legit. I feasted on fries and ranch (because I’m ‘Merican) and one of their world-famous Charburgers with the works (including grilled onions!). Then I got gluttonous and went back for seconds, selecting the Golden Chicken Sandwich with just the right amount of spice and some of the best onion rings I’ve ever tasted. Whether you’re with your family for a staycation (I hate that word, but it fits the scenario), or if you’ve gotten tipsy and need a late night snack, consider the Habit Burger Grill. Plus, as I mentioned, this is a food court, so if burgers ain’t your style, there will also be the Piezzetta Pizza Kitchen and Panda Express. Or, if you walk a bit further down the Circus Circus thoroughfare, you’ll find Canter’s Deli, a Los Angeles staple that is famous for their fantastic pastrami. Lots o’ options for your tastebuds at the Circus Circus, my friends. Eat up!

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