Coincidence in MidTown…Small town or small world? Or, A Tail of lobsters and jewels.

How close are you really to your co workers, neighbors or those you consider friends? I could not think of anything to blog about . Stumped. Then it came to me…literally. On a whim and a craving a friend invited me to lunch at the new Morgan’s Lobster Shack in midtown. I had heard of it first, spread the word and then was the only one who hadn’t gone yet! I had the lobster mac n’ cheese and I’ve heard the crab rolls are amazing. Next to Morgan’s lies the new and extremely cool location for Michael & Sons Jewelry Company. You almost can’t walk out of one without walking into the other. So after licking the lobster off of our lips of course we wandered in to gaze upon the selection of bobbles and jewels. I wandered off when some sparkle caught my eye I but overheard my friend talking to the lovely woman behind the counter. The conversation turned to family members in the jewelry business. Turns out my friends step dad used to work at the Rodgers jewelry store in the Meadowood mall…just like my dad!! Dad got his start in a jewelry store in the old Park Lane before making the move to Meadowood. I have fond memories of visiting dad at work, grabbing a real Orange Julius and trying on all the diamonds. Now my friend and I are a few years apart so we would not have connected at that time, but we did some sleuthing and found out our dads had in fact worked directly together in the same Reno Jewelry store a different lifetime ago. We have known each other for 17 years and never knew this fact about one another. I love stories like these where you can look back and say “if we hadn’t gone to lunch we wouldn’t have…”. or “if he hadn’t left for the other job you would have never…” Small town or small world? Oh and the friend I refer to just happens to also be my boss. None other than Dead Air Dave himself! I highly encourage you to have lunch with people you think you already know and maybe dig a little deeper. Play the six degrees of separation with the humans in your world. You might find a pleasant surprise and be reminded we are all connected.