Heart Beat To Heart Beat, Eye To Eye(From Reno With Love)












Artown along with The City of Reno, the Reno Phil, Eric Henry Andersen, Bryon Evans Films and Tom Gordon are proud to present a song, video and fundraiser to help uplift our performing arts community and our entire city: “Heartbeat to Heartbeat, Eye to Eye (From Reno with Love)” – Featuring 53 performing artists and musicians from the Reno area. Many of which you have heard right here on the X as part of our Local Spotlight! I am so proud of our community and what a great opportunity for Reno to be showcased alongside some other amazing cities that came together for a great cause. I will be speaking on the the phone with Eric H. Anderson and Oliver X from Artown later today and will post our phone calls here in case you missed it. In the meantime check out the video below and think link if you feel inclined to donate. Also feel free to SHARE!!!!                                                                                                                (plus you can tune in at 6:10 today to hear the song played on X airwaves)


Full Artist List:

Eric Henry Andersen: Piano and Vocals

Khalilah Smith Cage: Vocals

Miguel Jimenez-Cruz: Drums

Misty Rea: Vocals

Zachary Teran: Bass Guitar

Lista McCuiston: Vocals

Tim Snider: Electric Violin

Darcy Kathleen: Vocals

Tyler Stafford: Vocals

CeCe Gable: Vocals

Tristan Seller: Trombone and Horn Arrangement

Rachael Mcelhiney: Bari Saxaphone

Kyle Rea: Vocals

Josh Reed: Trumpet

Gia Torcaso: Vocals

Cliff Porter: Vocals

Nick Eng: Vocals

Shaughn Richardson: Vocals

Mark Sexton: Electric Guitar

Grace Hayes: Vocals

Max Volume: Vocals

Eric Stangeland: Electric Guitar

Kate Cotter: Vocals

Scott Myer: Electric Guitar

Jenes Carter: Vocals

Lucas Arizu: Acoustic Guitar

Cami Thompson: Vocals

Dean Rossi: Percussion

Dulce Infante Silva: Vocals

AJ Clopton: Vocals

Anna Sawyer: Vocals

David “Pudge” Gervais: Vocals

Aaron Sion: Vocals

Daniel Sion: Vocals

Justin McMahon: Vocals

Athena Mcintyre: Vocals

Dave Berry: Vocals

Grace “Gatsby” Larkins: Vocals

Jason Thomas: Percussion

Ruth Lenz: Violin

Eileen Brownell: Cello

Jeff Depaoli: String Arrangement

Dustin Budish: Viola

Greg Lewis: Percussion

Dave Strawn: Double Bass

Vince Gates: Vocals

Greg Gilmore: Vocals

Tony Savage: Percussion

Spike McGuire: Vocals

Lina Maria: Aerialist, Fire Dancer

Cooper Bayt: Fire Spinning

Sonia Tiger: Fire Dancer

Michelle McCauley: Dance