How do you find new music? Can I help?

Nothing like discovering new music. Getting to know the band. Seeing the first show and then forming an everlasting relationship with your new musical partner. I’ts like falling in love every time! I sure hope we at X radio help with the music matchmaking. I’m not a huge fan of talk radio, after all “it’s all about the music”, but I do love a good band interview. I’m right there with you guys on Sunday mornings listening to some of our specialty shows Acoustic cafe and E-town as a fan. As mid day host here in X-ville part of my job is interviewing bands that may play live in the studio during live for lunch or phone interviews that get turned into pod casts on our website I’m still learning (all the time) and cutting my teeth as an interviewer but I hope you can get past my lack of skill and join me in getting to know these awesome artists! (I’ll get better) I was luck enough to get to speak with Taylor from Dawes not too long ago and just recently had a chat with Zach from Portugal. The Man!! I’m such a fan girl…I hope you’ll head on over and check out the podcast and fall in love with the musicians like I have. Thanks for listening!!

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