Hear songs from local bands and musicians weekday evenings at 6:10 pm, 7:10 pm, 8:10 pm, and 9:10 pm!

Sponsored by the Buy Nevada First Gift Shop and the New Nevada Market Place inside the Reno Town Mall


Submit your songs IN MP3 FORMAT to!                                Include your name and a little bit about your band.


MONDAY: 7/6/2020

    6:10 -Cole Adams-700 Miles

    7:10-Given My Goodbye-Collapse

    8:10 -Alisha Sadler-Demonized

    9:10 -Jake Houston and the Royal Flush-Collections Man


TUESDAY: 7/7/2020

    6:10 – Roxxy Collie-You’ll Get Used To Me

    7:10- Jamil Apostil and the Butter Thieves-Open Ticket Ride

    8:10 – The Connor Party-We Get High

    9:10 – Seedless 10denC-Watch Your Love Grow


WEDNESDAY: 7/8/2020

    6:10 Jelly Bread ft. Whitey Myer-You Don’t Want Me

    7:10 Andi Kilgore-Hey Reno

    8:10 Will Shamberger-Wonderful

    9:10 Dainesly-Bury Me Nameless



    6:10- Victor Uriz-The Soul of Lake Tahoe

    7:10- Athena McIntyre-The Wanderer

    8:10- Team Francis- Space Beach

    9:10- Stabby Unicorn – Cluck Duck WTF!



   6:10-Keyser Soze-Bedop

   7:10- Low La La- The Flowers

   8:10 Jonny Rolling- Baby Bargain Socks

   9:10 K-Rizz-At Times