Hear songs from local bands and musicians weekday evenings at 6:10 pm, 7:10 pm, 8:10 pm, and 9:10 pm!

Submit your songs IN MP3 FORMAT to

Include your name and a little bit about your band.


MONDAY: 10/26/2020

    6:10 Tim Snider-Vivian

    7:10 Hellbound Glory-So Nervous, No Service

    8:10 Dankjewel-Star Child (girl from Andromeda)

    9:10 Roxxy Collie-Susie Sez


TUESDAY: 10/27/2020

    6:10 Zaragoza-Eternal Kin

    7:10 Alisha Sadler-Watch It Bleed

    8:10 Smiley Mikey-Don’t Want to Buy a Gun

    9:10 Biggest Little Band-Ed


WEDNESDAY: 10/28/2020

    6:10 Rick Hammond Blues Band-Good Natured Boy

    7:10 The Sextones-Goodbye Yesterday

    8:10 Jack Danny-Miss Rose

    9:10 Buster Blue-Moonlight


THURSDAY: 10/29/2020

    6:10 Monique Jade Band-Rollin’

    7:10 NEW Dizzy Crush-The Kids Know

     ft Encompass Academy and Kid Rocker!

    8:10 Arizona Jones covering Mr. Big Stuff

    9:10 Lacey Mattison-Somewhere To Hide


FRIDAY: 10/30/2020

   6:10 NEW Eric Henry Anderson….

   7:10 Whiskey Hero’s- This Old Town

   8:10 Jonny Rolling-Defective By Design

   9:10 Sierra Sweethearts-Viagra in the Water! (trick or treat)