Shout out to Spring and Ice Cream!!!

Today is the first day of spring and last week was the 20th anniversary of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor Phish food! That put me in the mood for the sweet treat and I was trying to think of the best places locally to get ice cream.(we’ll save the fro-yo for another blog) I wish we still lived in a time of soda fountains and ice cream shops. (although my hips are probably glad we don’t)

Here are the top 5 I came up with in no particular order. Bounce back to the facebook page and comment with your favorite place! I need the scoop!

Simple Ice Cream Sandwiches @ 960 S. Virginia St

The Baked Bear @1495 E Prater Way in Sparks

IceCycle Creamery @ 6147 Lakeside Dr suite 102

Rolled Mountain Creamery @ 75 Foothill Rd #5a

Hoch Family Creamery 1166 Annie Ct, suite E in Minden

enjoy this yummy and environmentally friendly video about Phish food