Snow Day!

So many snow days and weather delays this year in Washoe county. I was born and went to school in Carson City and I remember big winters but I don’t remember this many days off! If we did have a snow day or were just on winter break my fondest memory is sitting on those silver discs that looked like garbage can lids and having our giant golden retriever Sam pull my friends and I up and down the iced over street. Good times. I understand this winter has been crazy and safety of our kiddos, teachers and bus drivers comes first. I was more wondering how they make up the time? Tack it on to the end of a long day or add days in the summer or…. Well, looks like they will end the early outs on Wednesday with today being the last one and as the winter continues decide if it will be necessary to use end of the year contingency days. Teachers are required to have 180 instructional days and I praise them all for balancing weather, holidays, bus schedules and everything else that gets thrown their way. The Washoe County website does a fantastic job of keeping parents and students informed and we here at the X hope to help in the sharing of that information.